There Is No ‘Obamacare Plan’ – Just New Health Insurance Policies

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as ‘Obamacare’, only changed how policies are sold and bought in the marketplace going forward. There is no government health plan that was attached to the law. When someone purchases a plan, on or off the Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange, they are purchasing the plan from the carrier that is offering the coverage. All the customer service, claims, and the invoices come from the actual health insurance company picked by the policyholder, not the government or anything called ‘Obamacare’.

Policyholders can now receive a tax credit, if they qualify. The tax credit is based on a number of factors, such as family status, income and percentage of the premium. There is a little more to the equation, so please seek a tax professional or insurance agent to receive more information on qualifications. The amount of the tax credit will vary based on these factors. For this year, the tax credit is based on the estimated income for 2014. We are pretty much predicting the future on the income but it will be reconciled on the 2014 tax return, filed in 2015. Be very careful with this. You could end up owing the whole tax credit back when you file your taxes. Please seek a professional with experience on the Health Insurance Marketplace to get the best answer for your situation.

The policies inside the Health Insurance Marketplace and outside of the Marketplace are the same. No difference. The plans are exactly the same; the premiums are exactly the same. Even the network of doctors and hospitals are the same. The only difference is the amount of tax credit one may qualify for versus another policyholder. Otherwise, everything is the same.

Of course, this is assuming we are comparing the same policies, premiums and provider network.

The insurance companies have more flexibility selling plans outside of the Marketplace. In many cases, if they operate outside of the Marketplace, there will be more plan options available to you that are not available through the Marketplace. There are certain guidelines that must be met for policies to be sold inside the Marketplace and receive a tax credit.

The major confusion is that the plans sold inside the Health Insurance Marketplace are different from what is available outside of the Marketplace. This is simply not the case.

The only thing that makes the Health Insurance Marketplace so special is the tax credit. If you do not receive a tax credit, there is no incentive to actually purchase a plan inside the Health Insurance Marketplace. The plans are the same along with the network. If your friends and family claim they are paying less premium for their new plan they purchased than before, it only means one of two things: 1) they were paying a huge amount to begin with; 2) they received a good tax credit to reduce their premiums.

There is a lot of confusion and more to come with the changes in the healthcare law. Always use a health insurance professional that is familiar with these changes. This will help you choose the right plan for you and your family and keep it affordable.

Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land, Not A Health Insurance Policy

Open enrollment started for the healthcare law for individual and family policies on October 1st, with a start date of January 1st, 2014. There are a lot of misconceptions out there and people will end up wasting time looking for something that is not true. Tens of thousands of people only pick up their information from the media or their dear friends. Sometimes this can leave you with unanswered questions. This can really cost you some money.

Many Americans are trying to get a glimpse look at an Obamacare plan to see what all the hype is about. Through all of their fruitless searches, they end up empty-handed.

Obamacare is the nickname for the actual Healthcare Law signed in March of 2010. Some people are offended when people use this term because it was smeared by some opposing parties. However, the President himself actually endorsed the term. With his endorsement, it no longer a negative impression to the naked eye.

Obamacare created the infrastructure to change the way health insurance policies are bought and sold in the marketplace. That’s it! They built a big shopping plaza similar to®. This is called the Health Insurance Marketplace, formally the health insurance exchange. The theory behind it is the health insurance companies can compete for pricing inside one Marketplace, or shopping plaza. At the time of this writing, health insurance companies are not required to participate inside the Marketplace. Without the requirement to participate, it will lack the original idea of the health insurance companies competing for the business in one place.

This is because an insurance company can choose NOT to participate inside the Marketplace and sell plans outside of it. This will be no different from all of us purchased plans in the past, except the plans must include all healthcare reform mandates.

This infrastructure created a series of health plan models to simplify the process for consumers picking plans and clearly seeing what is covered. It was very confusing in the past. Now it is just a little confusing. We still have mud on our windshield.

The idea behind this is when a consumer is reviewing a health plan with one carrier against another, they can see they are VERY similar in coverage. Each carrier has their own personality to things such as the amount of co-pay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket expenses on a health plan. This will, in theory, make it easier for consumers to shop health plans.

The playing field has definitely changed forever as we know it. Any time there is change, it creates short-term turmoil in the marketplace with the consumer. Obamacare is a prime example of this.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is the only place where an individual or family can receive a tax credit for purchasing a health insurance plan. There are certain things that are required for you to qualify for a health insurance tax credit with the new law.

Just briefly, it will depend on what is indicated on your tax return. This will include your income, family status, and age. There may be other requirements that can change your eligibility status. The purpose of is to determine your eligibility status. You will still be applying for coverage with the carrier that you choose, not the government website.

It is not required to purchase a health insurance plan inside the Marketplace. It is a HUGE misconception about making a move with the new health plans. If someone, or a family, does not qualify for any tax credit, there is absolutely no reason to purchase a plan inside the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Outside the Marketplace will have a few more options to choose from, along with the same, exact, health plans inside the Marketplace. The same plans inside and outside of the Marketplace will have the same premium. There is no difference in coverage or cost.

The health insurance carrier is the same, inside and outside the Marketplace. The plans and the price are the same (When comparing the same ones) inside and outside the Marketplace. When you purchase a plan, you will be paying the health insurance company, not the Federal government.

Obamacare is just the law of the land. That is it. There is no health plan sold through the Federal or State government. You are still purchasing a plan from a Major health insurance carrier that is authorized to sell a policy in your state. Obamacare just wrote the rules on what would be required by insurance companies in order to sell a health insurance plan in the future and how an individual or family will purchase that plan to protect everything they have worked so hard for.

Immigrants Health Insurance Through Marketplace

Out of nearly 40 million people living in U.S. who were born elsewhere, about a third does not have health insurance. And about 9 million people in the U.S. belong to immigrant families in which at least one child is a citizen, according to the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project.

Many immigrants and their dependents who are illegally residing in US are worried that their personal information could somehow draw attention to immigration authorities. The majority of families, they know it’s something they need to do and they are scared to apply for the Medical insurance. Some are so alarmed that they prefer to see their near ones go without coverage than risk by giving personal information to a federal agency. Noncitizens are so fretful to even apply for a citizen child.

Getting a medical insurance for an immigrant is not possible in US, since they are staying illegally but one way they can obtain insurance is through an eligible relative who is a legal resident or citizen of US.

President Barack Obama, on one side is promoting the concept of a health insurance exchange and on the other side we see the immigration bill in bits and pieces. He wants to create a market where Americans, can one stop shop for a health care plan, compare benefits and prices, and choose the plan that’s best for them with an affordable basic benefit package that includes prevention, and protection against cataclysmic costs, where the public can take advantage of health care market that is more competitive and keeps insurance companies honest.

In mid October 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement published a “clarification” designed to assuage fears. As per the memo the information obtained through health care registration would not be used to pursue immigration cases against anyone in the country staying illegally. Immigrant advocates and the federal government have been working to reassure families that their information will not be shared with enforcement agencies. The effort has led to changes in the main health care website and a memo from immigration authorities promising not to go after anyone based on insurance paperwork. As they have felt that immigrant families are important to the success of the health care overhaul, especially in Texas, which has the nation’s highest rate of uninsured people, many of whom are immigrants.

By bringing this enforcement, the government has relaxed the mind of millions of immigrants by taking advantage of Health Insurance Marketplace. So what is this Insurance Marketplace?

The Marketplace or the health insurance “exchange” is a new way to find quality health coverage. It helps an immigrant who doesn’t have medical insurance coverage or having possessed insurance but want to look at other options. With one Marketplace application, they can learn if they can get at affordable price based on their income, with the help of the enroll options by scrolling down side-by-side they can compare the best deal and price.

Insurance plans in the Marketplace are offered by private companies. They all cover the same essential health benefits. No plan can spin around any immigrants who are facing any illness or medical condition; they must cover treatments for these conditions. Plans can’t charge women more than men for the same plan. Many preventive services are covered without any cost to the immigrants.

The health insurance marketplace helps uninsured people to find proper and best priced health coverage. When an immigrant fills out the marketplace application they get to know if they qualify for:

-Private health insurance plans: – they get to know if they qualify for lower cost based according to their household size and income. Plans that cover essential health benefits, pre-existing conditions, and preventive care. The advantage of this is that even if they don’t qualify for lower costs, they can still use the marketplace to buy insurance at the standard price.

-Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP):- These programs provide coverage to millions of families with limited income. If it looks like they qualify, they will share information to their state agency and they’ll contact them. One thing to keep in mind with this insurance is that not all states are expanding Medicaid in 2014 to cover more people.

The positive side of the marketplace is that it can be operated from any part of the state. Some states even operate their own marketplace. In some state, the marketplace is run by the federal government.

Health Insurance And Your 26 Year Old Kid

Your kid is now turning 26 years old and you have more planning to do than just a birthday get together. The Affordable Care Act has made it possible to maintain coverage for your adult kid until they reach the age of 26. With the new law, they no longer have to be a full-time student. Your kid could be unemployed and sitting at home; or working, paying their student loans and making a name for themselves, you are able maintain health coverage for them. This could be a blessing and a curse. You need to know your options to help with transitioning your kid off your plan when they are kicked off the health coverage.

For years, your kid had to be a full-time student in order to cover them until the age of 24. Then they were on their own. With the current employment crisis, college graduates were left without jobs when they graduated from school. This also meant no insurance.

Just like their auto insurance, they could buy their own health insurance policy. Many parents were not aware of this until the Health Insurance Marketplace (Obamacare) push their marketing efforts out. There were many affordable options prior to the new healthcare law for the young adult dependent and pre-existing conditions was hardly an issue with a 24-year-old.

Now your kid is 26 and the big question is what to do about health coverage…

Here are your options:

Step one: Is there insurance through their current employer and are they eligible for the coverage? You may need to push them to get this information, but that is step one.

Step two: Depending on their income, they may qualify for a tax credit through the government website, aka “Obamacare”. Only do this if you think they may qualify for a tax credit after some preliminary questions. It is highly recommended to seek out a professional on the matter beforehand to minimize wasting your valuable time. There has been many times that young adults do not qualify for a tax credit, for multiple reasons. Just because they are young and healthy has nothing to do with the tax credit.

Step three: Purchase the plans outright through a professional insurance agent. The plans are the same in comparison as the “Obamacare” plans. The only difference is what tax credit you qualify for. If they do not qualify for a tax credit, there is no point of going onto the Marketplace. Again, it will help if you seek a professional in this area.

Note: Sometimes your kid will lose coverage on their birthday instead of being covered for the whole month. This is a concern. Most, or all, new coverage will start the 1st of the month, of the following month. What are your options so your kid does not lose coverage?

Pay for the rest of the month through your employer, if possible. Many will allow this at the employee dependent rate. Some will not.

Buy COBRA for a month. This is not ideal because COBRA is expensive and coverage will overlap.

Purchase a short-term medical through an insurance agent. You can buy them for 30 days at a time and coverage will overlap. Good news is they are inexpensive. If you can pass 4-5 questions (health and eligibility questions), you can get coverage within 24 hours. The bad news is there is no coverage for pre-existing conditions. Typically this is not a problem for a 26-year-old, but could be. Why is this? Because it was designed as a “gap” plan, not a qualified health plan with the new healthcare law.

Take the gamble until the new coverage starts the 1st of the following month.

Just like each one of your kids having different personalities, every situation is different. Fighting it yourself could drive you crazy. There are too many options and with the tax credits, it just makes it that much more complicated.

As a parent, you should know your options and be prepared. You should start the process about three moths out from their birthday month. That may be a little early, but better early than late.

Have You Signed Up For Marketplace Health Insurance Yet?

What Is The Health Insurance Marketplace?

If you visit, you will find the portal to the new marketplace for individual, family, and small business health insurance plans. There is not actually only one marketplace. Several states run their own exchanges, but the website will direct you to the right solution for your location.

Yes, there was certainly a lot of frustration, and a few I-told-you-so’s, when the Affordable Care Act’s site failed to function properly. It is possible that Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, famous Republican supporters of health reform, were spinning in their graves. Of course, it is possible that they never really knew what a website was.

The U.S. Healthcare Marketplace Is Open

While somebody should probably look into that particular issue, other people might be very wise to take advantage of the functioning website to consider their options. The site is fairly simple and intuitive. It walks the user through a series of basic questions that are much less intrusive than old health insurance applications ever were.

Set aside an hour or more to answer the questions and browse different marketplace health insurance options. You can stop at any time and resume your session. You might even want to call the private companies that offer exchange plans to ask questions. You are also free to call the toll-free government help line at any time for assistance.

Also, give the system a few minutes to send out your confirmation email after you register. Some users were confused by the fact that they did not get that email for almost 30 minutes, and they wondered if they had done something wrong.

Who Can Find Coverage Under The New Exchanges?

This site is mostly for people who are not covered by employer-based group plans and small businesses. People with any income level can apply for medical coverage here, as long as they satisfy the other criteria. However, the system will automatically calculate tax credits or other subsidies. If you want, you can even automatically apply those credits to the premium of your plan.

What Type Of Medical Insurance Plans Are offered?

Remember that these are private health insurers. However, all plans have to conform to established Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. Bronze plans are cheapest, and they provide lower levels of coverage. Platinum plans are more expensive, and they provide the most generous coverage. You can still find a lot of variation within those levels.

There are typical types of U.S. medical policies. These include HSAs, PPOs, and HMOs. It might be prudent to research these different types of plans before you simply select one based upon the price.

Here’s the short summary of the differences between these types of health policies. PPOs and HMOs are both network plans. Typically, you will find that PPO plans are less restrictive, but they may be more expensive and provide less coverage than HMO plans. HSAs might be good for people who can take advantage of tax deductions.

Why Not Consider Your Marketplace Options?

As long as the website is functioning, this is a good time to register for free and find out what your own options are. If Teddy Roosevelt is aware of our current problems, it seems likely that is what he would expect out of Americans.

How To Make Money Using an Udemy Online Teaching Course

A few decades ago, it was hard to find a good teacher. The only option that you had was to look for one in your area because the Internet was not available at that time. Nowadays, the internet has made it a lot easier to learn from the comfort of home. If you have been thinking of taking a certain course to hone your skills, we suggest that you check out Udemy. Let’s find out how people make money on Udemy by launching courses through websites. Read on to know more.

What Is Udemy?

Basically, this platform brings both students and teachers together. As a matter of fact, Udemy is one of the top platforms for online courses. It offers a lot of free tools and support for instructors to develop courses and make money from them.

Udemy allows anyone to create a course and offer it to everyone across the globe through its platform. Nowadays, the platform has more than 15 million students from more than 190 countries. Moreover, it has courses in more than 80 languages.

Launching a Course

If you want to submit a course on Udemy, you may want to follow the steps below. We will talk about each step in detail so you can get started without any problem.

Sign up

First of all, you may want to go to the home page of Udemy and sign up for an account, which will cost you nothing. As soon as you have signed up, you can access tons of free as well as paid courses.

Course creation

After signing up, you can hit the “Teaching” button. The “Create a course” button will show up that you can press to create a course and become a tutor.

Udemy revenue model

For course creation, Udemy won’t charge you any fee. On the other hand, for selling, you do have to consider the revenue model offered by the platform. Let’s find out more about the revenue model.

Instructor promotion

After a lead generation, the entire revenue goes to the course instructor. For instance, if a lead is generated through the coupon code given by the course creator, the instructor will get the revenue.

Organic traffic

If the course buyer comes to the platform through organic traffic, 50% of the revenue will go to the course creator. And the rest will go to the website. So, there is a lot of money to be made even if you don’t use other means to get the word about your courses.

Other revenue sharing model

This revenue sharing ratio can be between 25% and 97%. Actually, the ratio is based on the fact whether the customer comes to the platform via deals, ads or affiliates. So, based on these factors, the revenue can be more or less.

Resources for Udemy

Udemy helps you throughout the process. Whether you are going to create a course or you want to promote, the platform has resources for you. Udemy offers tons of free resources that help you make your course a success. As a matter of fact, the free resources on this platform are on the list of the best advantages of Udemy, as they help you make money from your course without too much struggle.

So, if you have been thinking of creating a course and publishing it on Udemy, we suggest that you take into account the advice given in this article. Just make sure your course is interesting and it can help your students learn new things. And that’s all you need in order to sell your courses and make a lot of money.

Ideal Solutions To Success Online

If you have ever spent time looking for ideal solutions to success online, you could find yourself very frustrated. You found that there are basic ways to succeed in this line of work. You know that online work isn’t hard, physical labor. Working online is easy in that there isn’t a lot of physical work involved. People who work hard as builders, factory workers, office personnel and in administration, must work hard and produce good results or they no longer have a job. Online work isn’t hard physically. However, it takes tenacity, perseverance, and a little knowledge to be successful. Perhaps herein lies part of your annoyance. Let’s look at some things that bring frustration into your ideal online performance. The items are not listed in any particular order of difficulty or ordered frustration levels.

Number 1, Building a Website

The number one thing that frustrates many people and keeps them from being successful online is building a website. This one thing kept me from being successful online years ago. When you find the right training building a website can be really easy. You don’t have to know HTML to build one today. You can learn how to make a website at certain locations on the Internet. There are places where you can learn how to make a free website.

Number 2, Finding a Domain Name

The best way to relieve frustration from finding a domain name is to first find the niche you want to promote. The name of your site needs to match the niche you have chosen. So, the way you keep this from being frustrating is to identify your niche, and then write a list of 10 to 15 names that describe your niche. It’s like choosing a title for a book, the title must tell what the book is about. Same with your domain name. It must tell what your niche is about. I prefer to stick with a .com. It’s just a personal preference that you don’t have to adhere to.

Number 3, Getting Site Ready

Until you learn, getting your site ready for search engine optimization can be really frustrating. Actually, it can be next to impossible if you don’t have the proper training. Again, I have a page for you to review that explains the ins and outs of preparing your site for SEO. Again, you can write articles, use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The big question you need to ask is, “Where are you going to get the training and knowledge on how to make these ideas work for you?”

Number 4, Getting Traffic

The number one goal for any marketing site is to drive traffic to it. There are many ways to do this, but the only way I choose to do this is by writing good content for my website. What if you can’t write, or at least you think you can’t? Many sites offer training on how to write.The training on a few sites is phenomenal. Every bit of the training is to help you build a site, monetize it and then drive traffic to it. You can learn so many ideas on what to write that you will never run out of something to write about. Getting traffic is almost done for you. All you have to do is follow directions.

Number 5, Training

Before I found a helpful site, training was my nemesis. The lack of training defeated me every time and cost me money. The training I have gotten has given me a handle on success. I have learned how to succeed because I have been trained well. Following are a few things I have been able to find online:

Certification Courses: 5 Levels

1. Getting Started

2. Build Your own Traffic Producing Website

3. Making Money!

4. Mastering Social Engagement

5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Each level has several courses and the training available to make you successful! I repeated most of the lessons. Some were simple but needed more exploring. Others were new to me and my then limited expertise. I can’t believe how much knowledge is packed into these lessons. Yet the progress from one step to the next is given in easy steps for those who aren’t technologically proficient when they begin the courses.

You Get All the Training

Every site that I tried before this would promise they could teach me how to be successful. What they taught me was that I needed to hire a group of professional online gurus to help me build a successful online business. I paid good money to learn this, too. Their ads said that even a monkey could learn how to use their program. I guess that I’m not as smart as a monkey because I couldn’t begin to understand what they were trying to teach me. “You’ll never believe how easy it is to make money online,” their ads read. I learned the hard way, out of pocketbook hard way, that paper will lie still and let you write anything on it. At least the paper they wrote on did! I was never able to follow more than the first couple steps. Not nearly enough to learn anything. However, all that has changed now. Since I found this site, I have learned how to be successful online. All I’ve done since I’ve been here is grow and grow. That’s where I am. That was what I was looking for in the first place. Can I tell you that I found a place where you can work at your pace, make the amount of money you want to make, and work when and where you want to.

Work for Yourself

The best boss you will ever have is YOU. Working for yourself online doesn’t require lots of energy. You don’t have to have a specific location where you go to work. With today’s technological advances, you can work from nearly anywhere. I prefer to work at home with my family nearby. That’s where you can find yourself, too. Are you ready for the change? Are you ready to be your own boss? Then don’t wait! Visit me to begin today!